There are a number of walks around the beautiful countryside starting at the FREE car park in Park Street. Some of the walks have passing views of Woburn Abbey and pass through the deer park. Put together by residents of Woburn each of the walks is route marked with white arrows with the Woburn Walk logo.

Worthy of a visit is The Woburn Heritage Centre  housed in Old St Mary’s Church on Bedford Street, it contains a museum of the local history of Woburn and a tourist information point, where hard copies of the walks around the village can be picked up. 

Woburn Walk No 1 Length 5.5 miles



Woburn Walk No 2 Length 4 miles

​Woburn Walk No 3 Length 3+ miles

​Woburn Walk No 4 Length 6+ miles

​Woburn Walk No 5 Length 5+ miles

Woburn Walk No 6 Currently being rewritten
​Woburn Walk No 7 Length 5.75 miles

​Woburn Walk No 8 Length 9 miles

Public footpaths within Woburn Abbey grounds

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