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Congratulations Havisham House


Monitoring HGVs traveling through Woburn:

After a long campaign, Woburn now enjoys a new traffic restriction on heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).  No HGVs above 7.5 tonnes are allowed to drive through the village unless making a local delivery / pick-up.  Local activity should be supported with the appropriate documentation if challenged by the police.  

There are Weight Restriction warning signs on all of the roads leading into Woburn Village, giving HGV drivers plenty of notice. The High Street has also been downgraded to a “B” road to discourage SATNAVs from choosing a route through the village (although this will take time for software updates).

The challenge is to enforce these new traffic regulations, and we need your help to monitor the traffic flows. 

If anyone notices a HGV in the village with no obvious local activity, please note the trucking company name, license plates (if possible) and time/date. 

The following form letter is also available to download from the Woburn Village website  to send to the offending company. 

Please also copy the Parish Council so we may track infringements and escalate to Central Bedfordshire Council's highways officials.

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Volunteers Wanted

Woburn Parish Council have started a community speed watch scheme and what they need is volunteers to help with the use of the Speed Detection Equipment! 
Since the speed camera in Leighton Street went live at the end of October 2016 there have been 1164 notices of intended prosecution issued (717 over 30mph, 431 over 40mph, 14 over 50 mph, 2 over 60mph). 
These are alarming stats and this speed watch scheme is the next stage of speed monitoring to come to Woburn. 
If you're interested in helping out then please contact Pete Smith on: 01525290544 or 07831352656